Latest Building Update


Thank you to all of the parents who signed our positive observation for the permanent building. This will be submitted to Dublin City Council.


We have been informed that the Department’s Project Manager intends submitting the planning application for the permanent primary and post primary schools at Roslyn Park to Dublin City Council on the 8th November 2019.


We are delighted to start in our new building in Roslyn Park, Sandymount.


We will be leaving the RDS in July and our furniture etc will be put into storage until the temporary building is ready. We will then move into our new classrooms in August. The Department will contact us when the building is ready. We have the movers on standby and ready to go.


The doors, lift and stairs have now been fitted. The next part of the process will see the floors going down. Each classroom has two toilets and a sink for classroom use (used for washing paint brushes etc.)


School will close on the 27th and 28th of June for packing up.

The last of school for children is the 26th of June. This is a full day.

We will reopen on Thursday, August 29th.

We have not had any confirmation on a moving date but it is likely to be at the start of August. The Department of Education is aware that we are due to start back school on the 29th and require the building before this. They are in the process of organising the logistics for our school to move to Roslyn and for Sandymount Park ETSS to move to the RDS.


Site works have commenced for the temporary building in Roslyn Park. The Department has informed Educate Together that they are on schedule and are not expecting any delays. The works are due to be complete in May 2019 with handover scheduled for June 2019. We have stressed to the Department that this timeline is imperative for our preparation in September. We are very excited to move to our new home!


We received the following update from the Department of Educate in relation to our new buildings: “Shellybanks ETNS – the permanent school building project is in architectural planning.  It is expected to lodge the planning application before the end of the year. The school will be invited to review the plans in advance of submitting the planning application.”


We received an update from Educate Together who met with the Dept. of Education last week. Great news! Tendering for the new temporary accommodation in Roslyn is complete and they are hoping to get on site within the next month. A timeline for completion of the building and the other planning conditions has not been made available to us yet.


We have been in contact with Kevin Humpries, local TD recently. We were delighted to hear that he raised the issue of our permanent school building and the possibility of a second level Educate Together School,  at a recent Seanad meeting. The response was very positive.

We are also delighted to announce that the planning permission for our new temporary accommodation in Roslyn Park next year has been submitted to Dublin City Council.

It is great to see this progress being made towards our permanent school in the future. The plans will be available for parents to see in the parent room from tomorrow on.

Have a look at the Dept response on this facebook page.

Here is a link to the application online also.

An Update from the DES Sept 2017

The Department have informed us that the plans for the temporary new school will be put forward to Dublin City Council for a preplanning meeting in the coming weeks. After this, they are hoping to submit full planning permission for the new site. Over the summer months, the school was working with the Department in relation to possible traffic solutions.


New school location: Rehab site (Roslyn Park), Sandymount

  • We have been in contact with the Department of Education and they have confirmed that the process of redesigning the Rehab site (Roslyn Park) has commenced and the current occupants will be moving from the site, on a phased basis, over the next 12-16 months.
  • There have been no concrete decisions made in relation to the plans for Shellybanks ETNS once we are on site in Roslyn Park (either a new build or refurbishment of existing buildings).
  • The Department of Education have confirmed that we will be staying on our current site for the next academic year (2017/2018).
  • The proposed plan is to have a two-storey prefab placed within the grounds of Shellybanks ETNS that will be connected to the existing building. No concrete decisions or plans around these prefabs have been made yet. This is still being discussed between the RDS and the Department.
  • It is intention of the Department that we will have a site visit with the reps from the Department, Educate Together, the RDS and School Management, in the near future.
  • For the entire Shellybanks ETNS community it is positive news to hear that the plans have progressed and that the site is currently being vacated.
  • As we receive any additional information we will keep you all informed via this website and school emails.

Where is the permanent location for the School building?

The Department of Education announced on Friday, 14th October 2016, that a site has been purchased in Sandymount from Rehab (Roslyn Park) as the new, permanent home for Shellybanks Educate Together.  The new campus is off of Beach Road in Sandymount between Newgrove and Seafort Avenues.

How is the new school building funded?

The Department of Education has committed to building a 16 classroom school for Shellybanks ETNS and will fund the building works programme.

Why does a school need to fundraise if the Department of Education pay for the new school building?

All money raised through fundraising allows us to purchase additional resources for the school for example, IT equipment, interactive white boards, sports equipment and facilities, library facilities, resources that will support the implementation of the primary school curriculum.

*We will be updating this section as we know more, so answers will change.