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By completing the following pre-enrolment form you agree to Official Enrolment Policy.  Click HERE to view or download the Official Enrolment Policy.

  • Due to the planned commencement of the Education (Admission to Schools) Act, 2018, Shellybanks Educate Together National School will not accept pre-enrolment application forms for September 2023. A new Admission Policy will be approved with an annual admissions process for this intake group.

    Please continue to check our website for further updates in relation to this matter.

  • I understand that allocation of place in the school will be strictly on application date order.
  • I understand that the receipt of a fully completed enrolment form does not guarantee that the child named will be offered a place in the school.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to inform Shellybanks Educate National School, in good time, of any change of address, email address, telephone number or other relevant circumstance.
  • I understand that if I have not replied in writing to a confirmed offer of a place for my child within 14 days of that offer being made, I will have forfeited my child’s place on the enrolment list, and consequently the place being offered.
  • All children must be 4 years of age on or before the 30th June and under the age of 6 of the year they are due to start. Unborn children may not be enrolled.
  • I understand that I may specify the year of commencement for my child and that my child may not be enroled to commence in multiple years.
  • I am a parent or legal guardian of the child I am enroling.

If you have further questions, please use the additional form in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website.