Post-primary schools

The department of education offers a map based search tool to find secondary schools in your area. Please keep in mind that Educate Together has been granted patronage for a new secondary school in South Dublin to be opened in 2018. Please follow this link for more details

Furthermore note that Newpark Comprehensive School Blackrock has acknowledged Shellybanks ETNS as their feeder school.


Afterschool activities

Please find below a list of after school activities and classes in our area. Get in touch if you would like an activity to be included.

Herbert Park Tennis

Herbert Park Football

Claremont Railway Lawn Tennis Club  

Red Frog swimming classes 

Tennis in Donnybrook 

GAA sport actives/camps, Sean More Park 

Junior Rugby 

Hombu Dojo karate club 

UCD sport activities for kids (swimming, multisport camps) 

Sportsco (swimming, gymnastics, kung fu, rugby etc.)

David Lloyd’s Gym, swimming, tennis etc. 

Bounce Gymnastics Blackrock

Royal Irish Academy of Music 

Dun Laoghaire School of Music

Independent Theatre Workshop, dance and drama, camps

National Performing Arts School 

La jolie ronde, Sandymount, Spanish

Marian College Swimming Pool 

Pembroke Cricket Club 

Sandymount Art School