PTA working committee

All of our parents/guardians are members of the PTA. The PTA working committee is a group of parents/guardians elected annually at the annual general meeting (AGM), typically held at the end of January. It meets at least monthly, to work on behalf of all parents/guardians and together with the principal, teachers and BoM, to develop and implement a plan of activities that meet our objectives and to support the aims and objectives of the school (see here for more details on the role of the working committee and its officers). The working committee also includes two parent representatives from the BoM and one teacher representative. In addition to the AGM, the committee holds open meetings that can be attended by all parent/guardians, we maintain this web site and issue bulletin points in the weekly school newsletters. Please follow this link to see the minutes of our past committee meetings.

Class representative sub-committee

Two parent representatives per class are elected annually at the AGM to be a communication link between parents/guardians and the PTA working committee. They ensure that parent/guardian suggestions are relayed to the PTA working committee. The class reps also coordinate volunteers to support our activities.

Current PTA Committee Members

Cynthia Abraham

Fiona Baker – Fundraising Subcommittee Liaison

Eoin Flood  – Teacher Representative

Kathryne Del Sesto – Communications Officer

Amy Duggan

Olga Fetisova – Treasurer

Vasilki Koutina – Events Officer

Jack McGlynn – Chairperson, New Schools Subcommittee Liaison

Neeta Mulajkar

Helen Ryan – Holistic Subcommittee Liaison

Belinda Desborough – Secretary

Jen Wilkie – Class Representatives Liaison

Anne-Marie Larrigan

Oksana Gorbacheva

Current Class Representatives

  • Gemma’s class Junior Infants – Laura Reid

  • Aisling’s class Junior Infants – Adam Hartman

  • Laura’s class Senior Infants – Anne-Marie Larrigan

  • Fiona’s class Senior Infants – Linda Coote

  • Eoin’s class First Class – Cynthia Abraham

  • Fionnuala’s class First Class – Jen Mackintosh

  • Aileen’s Class Second Class – Wendy McKenna
  • Mark’s Class Second Class – Tanja Fahrenkrog
  • Eliya’s Class Third Class – Jemma Kenny
  • Ciara’s Class Third Class – Neeta Mulajker

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